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Music Scene

LittleHorse Entertainment was formed to support the local 'Live Music' scene by working with Artists, Venues, Audiences, Societies, Broadcasters, Organizations and Municipalities to help develop a vibrant and sustainable Vancouver Lower Mainland Live Music scene.

LittleHorse Event Calendar
Find It Fast

A great website that lists local artists, venues & upcoming events

Join our facebook group, attend popular events at popular places, meet up with fellow Music Lovers

Rehersal/recording space, artist & show development

Artist names, bio, picture and website / facebook / video links

Venues, festivals, private, public & corporate events

Let LittleHorse help you promote & find gigs

Venue names, type, location, weekly music schedule times, & website / facebook links

Festival names, genre, location, annual schedule & website / facebook links

Let LittleHorse help you promote your establishment through Live Music

Affiliates like music societies, municipal event planners, links to website & facebook 

Industry resource/support company names, description & contact information, organized by:

equipment repairs/rentals, printers/merchandisers, rehearsal/recording places, sound technicians, photo/videographers, broadcasters 

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