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About LittleHorse Group

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Based in Langley B.C. Canada, LittleHorse Entertainment connects musicians and venues together to develop and promote live music opportunities that benefit both parties.  As a result we consider both Musicians and Venues as our clients.  We aren't just about finding the right gigs for bands, we are also about finding the right bands for a venue's audience. 


If you are a lover of live music and looking for an excuse to get out more often and take in the incredible local music scene then consider joining our casual club.  We have created a facebook group where we can discuss great live venues, great artists, and arrange to attend great local events.  (Please note that this group is not a dating service)


We are striving to work closely with venues to help them succeed in providing live music to their patrons. 

We can usually fill most band cancellation emergencies, so even if we haven't worked together in the past, put us on your speed dial for a quick replacement act!

On our "Venues  Listings" page, there is an extensive list of all local Live Music venues and when they provide music. 


There is also a list, of featured Venues currently working with LittleHorse Entertainment, that provides a picture and brief description of the venue, links to their websites, facebook pages, and other links.


The musicians that LittleHorse Entertainment promotes, have all been vetted through our own extensive review process, including our attending at least one of their live performances.   Not all performers make the cut.  That way venues know that bands that LittleHorse promotes, are able to deliver the goods!  We have musicians available, that play Rock, Alt Rock, Pop, Blues, Country and even a few tribute bands.  


If you are a musician that needs more promotion, either exclusive or not, give us a call.  We are always looking for high quality bands, in various genres, to compliment our existing line up. 


Accredited Music Societies and Festival Organizers work hard at keeping Live Music Alive through live performances.  We list a number of these local affiliates and include their events in our calendar of events, so you can get the big picture of what is happening in the local music scene.  There are links to these Affiliate's websites, and a brief description of what they provide to the community.


LittleHorse Entertainment also manages LittleHorse Studios, a home based rehearsal and recording studio to help musicians hone their instrumentation and performace skills, develop their shows, and record their sessions.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!  Send us your emails with questions, interests, comments, concerns, announcements, ideas, or whatever is on your mind (related to local live music only, please).


If you are a live music artist/act that is looking for more gigs, or you are a venue that is looking for accredited live music acts to help you draw in more clientele, then email us for more information on how we can help.  We would love to have you join our growing family!

Thanks! We will reply ASAP.

Meet Tobi our 'LittleHorse'

Tobi is our miniature horse and the inspiration for the "LittleHorse" name.  He has a long fancy registered name, but we call him Tobi because his markings are just like a Tobiano Pinto's.  

Just like Tobi, we are as hard working as a horse, and being small allows us to give a more personalized service.  As Stewart McLean (Vinyl Cafe) used to say, "We may not be big, but we're small".  

As promised, we hit our first milestone of 200 likes, so here is Tobi showing off his soccer moves.

Thank you everyone for helping us get noticed.  We hit 500 likes, so as promised, we have included a video of Tobi having a cold one after practice.  

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