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Artist Registration

If you are a local (Vancouver Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley) artist that would like LittleHorse Entertainment to help you develop your fan base and find additional gigs, we can:

  • advertise your events

  • design aggressive marketing pushes to specifically targeted demographic markets (venues, festivals, vroadcasters, organizations)

  • match you to appropriate venues

    • present your profiles to venues in person ('Face-to-Face' connection)

    • negotiate gigs on your behalf

    • build long term relationships with venues on your behalf

  • include you in our:

    • 'artists for hire' section

    • 'calendar of upcoming events'

    • 'LiveVan' listings

    • media push programs

  • provide you with guidance on improving your shows and social marketing techniques

  • associate you with LittleHorse Entertainment's stellar reputation



For details on how our Artist promotion services work, check out the "INFORMATION" document (PDF or Word format):

(Content of this document appears below)


If you are interested in working with LittleHorse, then fill out the "REGISTRATION" document and fax or email it back to us:


LittleHorse Entertainment – Artist Information



Please note:  Artists retain 100% of all merchandising sales, unless sold through our On-Line Store (which should be opening in 2020).


Featured Artist (no charge):

If we choose to feature you in one of our website’s ‘MUSIC SCENE/News’ articles (‘News & Reviews’ or ‘Spotlight Series’), we will also post your currently booked gigs in our LittleHorse Calendar of Upcoming Events.  You will not be represented in our “artists for hire” section (unless you decide you would like us to help you find additional gigs and become an ‘Accredited Artist’).


Our feature articles are meant to draw attention to local live music highlights and happenings; to build a community dedicated to improving the local live music scene; and to keep the site interesting, current, and evolving.  


We offer two types of Promotional Services.  Please select one of the following options:

  • Shared representation with LittleHorse, yourself, and/or a third party promotion company:

LittleHorse must be notified of all gigs, no matter who booked them, so we can include the event in our calendar of events, Facebook and other media outlets. 

Our  booking fee is only applicable to gigs that LittleHorse Entertainment was responsible for booking. 

  • Exclusive representation by LittleHorse Entertainment:

All potential gig leads are to be funneled through LittleHorse Entertainment, regardless of their source.   Your website’s, Facebook pages and other online social media applications must list LittleHorse Entertainment’s contact information as the only contact for bookings.  For example: “For any questions about ‘band-name’, or to enquire about booking us for an event, please contact Mark at LittleHorse Entertainment – 604-996-8188”


Our  "Exclusive" booking fee is applicable on all booking revenue streams, regardless of the source of the bookings.  By leaving all your promotion and representation up to us, we can provide consistency in presenting you, your rates and your image to the marketplace. 


Promotion (10% of gross gig revenue):

If you would like LittleHorse to help you find additional gigs, we can:

  • include you in our ‘artists for hire’ section

  • include you in our ‘calendar of upcoming events’

  • include you in our media push programs

  • match you to appropriate venues

  • negotiate gigs on your behalf

  • advertise your events

  • provide you with insights into social marketing and provide you with honest feedback on what you are doing right and ways to improve your performances

  • associate you with LittleHorse Entertainment’s reputation

  • design aggressive marketing pushes to specifically targeted demographic markets (Venues, Festivals, Broadcasters, Organizations) – [Exclusive Representation]

  • present your profiles to venues in person (Face-to-Face connection) – [Exclusive Representation]

  • Building long term relationships with venues  – [Exclusive Representation]

  • Registering your events on LiveVan Show Listings – [Exclusive Representation]

  • Guidance on improving your shows and social marketing techniques – [Exclusive Representation]



To appear on our website, and to be promoted by LittleHorse Entertainment, Artists must be vetted by us, based on the following criteria:

  • We have seen you perform live (at a venue, in rehearsal, or a continuous video of a live set)

  • Your live performances indicate that you have the talent, understand the importance of song & show dynamics; the ability to create ‘moments’ that thrill audiences; the importance of promoting the venue from the stage, the need to keep volumes ‘venue appropriate’ and playing for the audience.

  • You are presentable on stage and conduct yourselves according to the culture of your genre of music.


In addition, to become an Accredited Artist you will need to fill out our “LittleHorse Entertainment Artist Details Form”, so we can start to get to know you, what makes you unique, and what your Band’s aspirations and expectations are.


Calendar of Upcoming Events (no additional charge):

If you are an artist or music society that uses Facebook to create events, we can include them in our Calendar of Upcoming Events. 


Make sure that you follow LittleHorseGroup (, and we will follow your Facebook page, so that we will receive notification of your Facebook events.


 Create your event as usual in Facebook (so they will appear in your calendars and facebook community streams), we will copy it to, or reenter it in, our calendar of upcoming events.


Guidelines for entering Facebook events for display on LittleHorse Calendars:

Our calendar entries show the date, the times, and the event title description as the default display, with the ability to click on the event to see more detail (like the event description, address, cost,  how to get tickets and a good ‘marketing hook’ to encourage people to come out). 


We recommend that you only enter the Artist or Event Name and the Place in the Title field (Example:   “Myband @ MusicVenue”) and put all the other information in the Details section of the event.


If you have any questions, please contact Mark at cell: 604-996-8188 or Home/Studio: 604-532-9637. 


Our fax number is: 604-532-9638.  Email

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