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August 2018:

Author: Mark Ardley @ LittleHorse Entertainment

John B. Reynolds was born at a very early age in life and is an import from Brisbane, Australia. Sometime after walking he started learning music which became an obsession in his life.

John holds a B.Sc. in Electronics and a Licentiate in Music. He has spent most of his time in both, Australia and South Africa, either touring, writing music, or in recording studios. He loves making people happy and seeing the smile on their face.

His band '6oh4', has been pleasing audiences around the lower mainland at Corporate Events, Weddings, Private parties, Charity Fundraisers, as well as numerous Clubs, Pubs, Legions, and Festivals. 


They are an entertaining, versatile and experienced 4 piece band that carefully selects their music to appeal to a wide range of ages and musical tastes, playing a variety of music covers with emphasis on 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Classic Rock, Southern Rock, R&B, New Country and Top 40.


They play hit songs from The Everly Brothers, through The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, CCR, Santana, Joe Cocker, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers and end up at the modern end of the Music Spectrum.

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August 2018:

Author: Mark Ardley @ LittleHorse Entertainment


We had the pleasure of seeing the Hell’s Gate Blues Band, at Donegal’s Irish Pub, perform a mini set on July 13, 2017.  


This 'Hot but Cool' seven piece Blues band did not disappoint at all!  It is fronted by the powerful Blues singer, performer Lisa Dunn, with Norm Campbell on lead guitar & vocals, Peter "Sweet Tooth" Selnar (the band's founder) on harmonica, Alan Bingley on rhythm guitar, Glenn Rowley on bass, Mel "Doc" Sawyer on keyboards and Rob Cooper on drums.


Their mini, four song set was a great mixture of covers and an impressive original which were:


Medicine by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:

What a great set opener!  A driving beat and the bass and drums locked deep in a cool groove pocket.  Lisa's voice is outstanding and commands attention.  Her interaction with the people on the dance floor and throughout the venue was truly professional and she engaged the audience from the first verse.


​Roadhouse Blues by The Doors:

A great standard, that just sounds incredible with this 7 piece band, and kept the dance floor hopping.


Love or the Booze by Lisa Dunn & Norm Campbell:

A poignant Blues original that already sounds like a classic.  The expression in this melody and lyrics are impressive.


Bring Me Some Water - by Melissa Etheridge:



​This was a well seasoned performance that was obviously designed to showcase the musicianship, diversity, cohesiveness and presentation of this fine group of talented performers.


Their song "Love or the Booze" has been getting airplay on several local stations, including LG104.3FM Blues Lounge.  


Their new CD "Thin Line" is available on CD Baby, iTunes and other music sites.  Original songs on this album were written by Lisa Dunn, Peter Selnar or Norm Campbell.


Check out their facebook site:

or their website:


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