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LittleHorse Entertainment does not just promote bands.  We also promote venues that provide Live Music.  Most local venues are competing for a declining  audience market brought on by changing social trends. It is important for venues to understand their audience demographics and interests, and provide them with the entertainment they prefer. 


 A successful show satisfies the desires of the audience, the venue, and the performer.  LittleHorse vetts performers and venues to ensure a beneficial match. 

The table below lists Venues that are committed to Live Music.  It includes information about the Venue, their Categories, Capacity as well as links to their Websites and Facebook pages.  All columns can be sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order and you can search by Categories to find specific criteria like:

        - Day of week live music is available

        - Type of events held (Jam, LiveStream, Genre)

        - Type of venue (Dance, Show, Rental)

If you are a venue that is dedicated to Live Music and you would like to be listed here, please contact us to discuss how simple that can be.

Thanks! Message sent.

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