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We are pleased to introduce our Live Music Lovers Club!

Do you enjoy live music?   Are you interested in seeing various artists in a variety of locations?    Are you looking to regain the excitement of sharing face-to-face experiences with old and new friends, in vibrant and exciting environments?

If so, then LittleHorse Entertainment's "Live Music Lovers Club" may be what you are looking for!  

There is no cost to join and no need to participate in every event!  


Choose only those events you are interested in and bring your friends.


Use the Club chat room to keep in touch with fellow members, discuss possible events, or to simply discuss exceptional Artists or Venues that members may recommend.

Join the Live Music Lovers Club today! 

Local Live Music Scene

Article Submissions:

Mark Ardley, LittleHorse Entertainment

We are always looking for articles on all aspects of the Local Live Music Scene....who's who, who's playing where, new or favorite venues, trends, festivals, initiatives, etc.   Please contact us with any submissions or suggestions.


Meet Tobi our 'LittleHorse'

Tobi is our miniature horse and the inspiration for the "LittleHorse" name.  He has a long fancy registered name, but we call him Tobi because his markings are just like a Tobiano Pinto's.  


Just like Tobi, we are as hard working as a horse, and being small allows us to give a more personalized service.  As Stewart McLean (Vinyl Cafe) used to say, "We may be big, but we're small".  


We have a couple of video's of Tobi.  If you would like us to post these, please tell your friends to like our website and follow our facebook page.  


When we hit 200 likes, we will post him showing off his soccer moves.  ** We made it! **


When we hit 500 likes, we will post him having a cold one after practice.  Thanks for helping us get noticed!

LittleHorse Event Calendar

A special thanks to all of you who 'Liked' our website. 

We hit our first milestone, 200 Likes, 

on February 26, 2018! 


As promised, here is a video of Tobi practicing his soccer moves!

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